This is a genuine question and I mean not to troll when I ask, nor do I want to expect any venom when I ask that. And yes, maybe I should've left the Victorious pasta alone, but it seemed like no one really gave it a chance. Shows like that, as well as ICarly annoy me, but I like the pastas. Even if they're not the best, they can be well enough to get more of valid criticism than "I hate this show, it's such a kid's show". I thought one thing that made creepypastas good was twisting something like that to appeal to a darker, more mature audience, so why use that arguement? I now know I should've figured out how to add to the article listing, and user submissions page. And I'm sorry for that, for those of you who are probably really pissed at me right now and probably expected me to make some kind of appeal for myself. I'm not, and let me assure again that I won't try to post the Victorious Theory creepypasta. Let me make a formal apology. I admit past incompetence. I admit for the sake of having the question answered with seriousness, and I ask it in all seriousness.... With respect to the fans of such things, why are My Little Pony pastas considered good creepypastas? Is it because it caters to a fanbase? Not saying there's anything wrong with that, but in my opinion, they're not really that good, so it's honestly confusing where the feeling lies, because I feel nothing from it.