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  • Nolan Garrett-Swodeck
    I have actually been going to this site every other day or so since about... I dunno. Last summer? I just decided to sign up today. Kinda scared I might accidentally violate any rules. Anyhow, about myself...
    I am sixteen years old, and have had an avid interest in Horror since...well, since I was old enough to draw or vocalize my imagination. I dreamt of zombies, and monsters, and ghosts. My very christian parents actually disliked my constant talk of thing dark and wicked, so I had to stop (or at least tone it down). Although, it never really stopped in my head. My head was still a giant fantastical graveyard. I would draw monsters and keep them in my head, but not talk about them. As I got older, my taste in horror became more refined, …
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