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  • Nirvana24826

    My Life

    May 7, 2015 by Nirvana24826

    I haven't been around life as long as lots of other people have. I have been here on this planet for just a smidgen over two decades, I only say a smidgen, because my birthday was less than three months ago, and I still have ten years to enjoy my twenties lol. My life started out mostly normal. I was born to a mother and father and at the time, my half sister who was sixteen at the time. My childhood was somewhat normal, although I had a fascination, borderline obsession with numbers up until around the time my family moved out of the trailer we lived in. I was six at the time and my sister, who was born two years prior. We lived in an alright trailer park, although it was near a dangerous neighborhood called "The Projects". We've been bac…

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