Ayo everyone, I just created this profile but have been reading pastas on the site for a while. Today I'll be using my blog to review the creepypasta known as Click Reload, found here:

Overall, this pasta is pretty well-written. It definitely feels like the person is writing about what happened to them, and it's certainly an interesting idea. The character's reactions seem pretty realistic, and overall there's nothing that sort of takes you out of it and makes it seem fake, although the story itself is nothing that will give you nightmares or anything.

That said, if this were a completely standard pasta, I wouldn't bother reviewing it. This pasta sets itself apart for me somewhat because somebody, presumably the author, bothered to actually make a site, at the same url as the one in the pasta,, which matches the description of the site in the pasta perfectly, right down to the reload button not changing your cursor, even using the photos mentioned in the pasta, among others. If I'm being completely honest, when I checked out the site out of curiousity, my heart skipped a beat and I had to remind myself that no, nothing is going to happen, it's just a story. I still visit the site occasionally just because I think it's really cool. Overall, it's a great pasta, gets a strong recommendation, and a score of 9/10.