• Nikkineko333


    April 26, 2013 by Nikkineko333

    To everyone that read that crap creepypasta my cousin wrote, im sorry i diddent think it would be that bad but shit happens. I would have written this sooner but iv been disracted with therapy and coud'nt so im sorry. I was on this wiki awhile ago and my cousin saw so she wanted to write a creepypasta on my account since she diddent have 1 an d diddent really want 1 so i let her and it ended up being complete shit...

    I will however be posting an actual creepypasta of mine that is 100 percent true,its only taken me so long to build up the courage to post it but i will eventually.

    So with that said im sorry and i hope you all will enjoy my tourment that i will post momentarily

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