aka Finn

  • I live in America
  • I was born on September 20
  • My occupation is entertainer
  • I am female
  • NightmareSlumber

    Nightmare Fuel

    June 23, 2013 by NightmareSlumber

    I just wanted to give you guys a heads up about my upcomeing creepypasta The Scratcher. He is a nightmare i rember haveing when i was young it was tottaly terrifying. Soooo i thought maybe itll creep a few people out! Hopefully ill create a brand new Creepypasta meme that would be soo cool! The proccess is going smothly and is going quite fast, just to let you guys know to!!!! If any of you like it, please help me out and tell me that just to make me know it cool then i can make sequels!!! SORRY ABOUT MY SPELLING IF THERE ARE ANY ERRORS IM WRITEING THIS WITH ONE HAND I WAS JUST IN A CAR ACCIDENT SO I MIGHT HAVE MESS SOME STUFF UP.. AGAIN SORRY P.S I LOVE CAPS LOCK:P oh and your nightmare picture of the week issssssssss

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  • NightmareSlumber

    THis is so exciting!!!!! Now i can finnally make the creepypasta of my nightmare!!Litteraly i had this dream of a creepyguy and he kept telling me to brun down the house and i didnt know his name but before i woke up he told me if i didnt set my house on fire he would kill me! :) good time good time...

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