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    Reign, Reign...

    November 11, 2013 by NighmaresAreReal

    Reign, Reign, go away,

    Come again no other day,

    Your hoofs are hard,

    Against my chest,

    They stand their ground,

    Crunching my chest.

    Reign, Reign, go away,

    Come again no other day,

    My feet are sore,

    From running from the lore,

    Of neigh's and beating, and the pour,

    The rain is painful, 

    And I am shameful,

    I left you alive as a baby,

    I left you alive and just maybe,

    I shoud've never opened the chimney.

    - Mother Leeds

    I love this site, just wanted to say hello to everyone! I am here to give you your worst nighmares!

    The End is Neigh

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