I am angry with Creepypasta to the point I feel like suing this site. I have numerously tried to uplaod my creepypasta but it keeps getting deleted. 

The last stories I've uploaded was trials and tribulations. And I improved. But, again, it deleted it. I am fed up with this site. I don't know if it's that I used the same title name, but another was because of spelling? I used a language I made up for my work, a culture if you will, and it's just being deleted everytime I renew the page. And yes, the grmmar and spelling was flawless. 

I shouldn't be scared just to see if my work will recieve any recognition from this site. I really love Creepypasta because of it's world of enchantment and horror. But this has gone too far. 

I want to upload my story. It is called "Qwemtwe Noweperwueem" and that translates from my languge to 'Light The Deceit'. It was good in my opinion.

If you admins can't do anything about this. I will have to tell others it is no good becuse of strict admissions who can't accept creativity when they see it.