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okay hey so im currently pissed. I got a notice bascially saying that if my blog or whatever isn't perfect in grammar and spelling it will be deleted. Are you fucking serious?! I should be able to write what I want to on her for my own enjoyment and then post it for people to read for their own entertainment as long as I'm not being offensive, which I wasn't. So basically I'm not going to post any of my stories I ​create on here again for the sake of it getting deleted again. I put a lot of fucking work into that story and because of erros it gets deleted. Oh and not to mention I know im not the WORST with grammar and spelling on here so it shouldn't have gotten deleted. Now if this is offensive to anyone or the website I really don't fucking care if this gets deleted or I get kicked off the website of some shit because this website takes the fun out of CP stories.Edit

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