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Mod Abusing: Shoot The Damn Messager

Well everyone congradu-FUCKING-lations. Chat was shut down. For 3 days. I would say I'm disappointed in all of you, but no no I'd be a hypocrite. I'm disappointed in myself also. I don't CARE "well it's all the user's fault!" It's my fault, your fault, his fault, her fault. Mod abuse is not a very good way to show who is wrong in the situation. All users who are in this rebellion shit stop. The Mods/Admins are paranoid as is. Don't feed it more or shit bricks fall. Today was a good example of it. I seriously don't see the point in poking the lion with rabbies. This is a little equation: User looks for reaction, mod overreacts, things go ape shit, and chat closes. Thank you everyone again. 

Just... Wow

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