• drum roll*

Today, with the completion of my newest pasta, The Ultimate Problem Solver, I am officially announcing the beginning of the production of the remake of my first pasta, Spiral Into Insanity. As of now, I am slightly unsatisfied (and always have been) with the finished product, so I've taken the liberty to take the time and expand on both the plot and previously-unnamed male character in Spiral Into Insanity.

  • fireworks; cheers of applause; epic orchestra resonates throughout internet; whole parallel universe is destroyed to mark this wonderful event*

And with Spiral Into Insanity, I'll also work on any other unfinished pastas I've left to complete. Day of the Hunt, With a Smile On His Face, and Inconstant Wub are my main focuses as of now.

I'm still accepting reviews of The Ultimate Problem Solver, and as such, any reviews will be appreciated.

Yay for me. .-. Necrosanity (talk) 05:52, January 19, 2013 (UTC)