For once in my godforsaken life, I need closure, guys. .-.

Don't you just hate it whenever either sleep escapes you (which has been for the past two months now, with me) or you're driving/being driven, and for lack of reliable entertainment resources you dream up maybe one, two, or even three passages pertaining to your story that are so good you can't possibly give them up and you just keep on adding more and more flavorful tidbits (sometimes an ending)? Only to forget it all in the morning (perhaps with some brief recollection here and there, if I'm lucky)? It's so fucking infuriating. .-.

Which is why I've decided to buy a notebook (not like it'll help me in the dead of night), not that it matters. .3.

In any case, has anyone else come across the same problem? Probably no one, but that's okay. Just wanted to bitch this bitch off my chest in blog-form. ._. Clitoris Clyde (talk) 16:25, July 23, 2013 (UTC)