• I live in better circumstances than you
  • I was born on February 28
  • My occupation is making more money than you
  • I am having more sex than you
  • Necrosanity

    In your opinion, which is generally the best way to depict Lucifer? Prideful? Evil? Advocate of freedom (esp. from God's rule)? Maybe even morally ambiguous (has man's best interests in mind)?

    I'm having trouble deciding how I should depict Lucifer in a poem I'm writing (which I'll publish today, if not definitely tomorrow). Here's the gist: After God destroys the world and abandons humanity, Lucifer sees this as an opportunity to finally claim his position as God. Humans align themselves with demons to survive, but having learned to deviate from authority, they rebel against Lucy, who realizes humans truly are beyond saving (which ironically mirrors his nemesis' previous effort). Ultimately, he regrets ever having stripped humans of their …

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  • Necrosanity

    These kind of blogs are all the rage these days. I don't wanna be left out in the rain (literally, since God drank a gallon of water today).

    So, without further ado.

    1. I found some mysterious stains on a book I got from the library. They begin right around where a character discovers a picture of a naked teenage girl (described in full-detail) that makes her question her sexuality.
    2. Conducted an interview with a local priest accused of sexual molestation.
    3. Same priest asked me to buy him some Kool-aid for a church meeting.
    4. Got off my lazy ass and made a YT account; may or may not do film critiques, video game walkthroughs, Creepypasta readings, etc.
    5. Replaying my favorite games, like Fire Emblem and Devil Survivor.
    6. Ordered Persona 2: Innocent Sin and …
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  • Necrosanity

    Not of a friend, dammit.

    Anyway, it's called Ass Parade, sure enough. Question is: Watch it? If I do, what refreshments should I bring to the party? Pretzels and beer are the default. I just don't want no "seven-days" bullshit.

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  • Necrosanity

    A Dilemma

    July 23, 2013 by Necrosanity

    For once in my godforsaken life, I need closure, guys. .-.

    Don't you just hate it whenever either sleep escapes you (which has been for the past two months now, with me) or you're driving/being driven, and for lack of reliable entertainment resources you dream up maybe one, two, or even three passages pertaining to your story that are so good you can't possibly give them up and you just keep on adding more and more flavorful tidbits (sometimes an ending)? Only to forget it all in the morning (perhaps with some brief recollection here and there, if I'm lucky)? It's so fucking infuriating. .-.

    Which is why I've decided to buy a notebook (not like it'll help me in the dead of night), not that it matters. .3.

    In any case, has anyone else come acr…

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  • Necrosanity

    I need an adult. And a proper answer. ._.

    Post-mortem, does physical matter (with special regards to humans and the like; those who maintain a stabilized gender throughout their span of life) technically still have a gender? .-.

    I mean, it's dust, but it's fuckable dust. ._.

    Discuss, motherfuckers. ._.

    At least have the decency to thank me for providing some material for a rhetorical, thought-provoking, mystic convo, for fuck's sake. ._.

    "I'm bi (OMG!!), so it doesn't matter to me. But what if you fuck animal dust?"

    Discuss, once again. I guess I could've made this an entirely new blog post, but. ._.

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