I guess this is a good way to introduce myself on here, and hopefully this isn't breaking any blog rules.

I'm Shane and I've been on here for a while now. I write a lot - almost every day - but I don't really have the confidence to write anything Creepypasta worthy. I've had my moments when I've written something extra spooky, but nothing that would psychologically disturb someone. At least, not in the way that traditional Creepypastas do.

I adore horror stories of all kinds and I grew up obsessed with Goosebumps, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, horror movies, and scary video games. Horror has played a big part in my life since - my dreams included. I have had a sleeping disorder since I was barely a baby. Night terrors were something I was supposed to grow out of but didn't. As I got older my mental illness brought them back and the night terrors turned into sleep paralysis, and at times I have hypnopompic or hypnagogic hallucinations with them. 

I like to write out these nightmares as stories when I can remember them. I honestly like to write out all of my nightmares, vivid or not, when I can. About 90% of my dreams are nightmares and always have been, possibly even about 95%. My doctors have said that there isn't much that can be done about it regardless of how frightening it can be at times. When I'm manic they're the worst. At least they're harmless.

I've gained control over them though by writing them out. I shape them into stories and I own them so they don't own me. In that way, now when I have my sleep terrors or dream hallucinations, they don't have as intense of an impact for as long. Of course, I still panic upon waking but it is much easier to ground myself since turning them into stories.

A few are pretty disturbing and Creepypasta-worthy in my personal opinion. That's why I'm writing this blog entry here - to tell about the dreams in general and about myself in relation to creepy things that I love so much. In fact, sometimes my disturbing dreams make it into my animations to the best of my ability. H. P. Lovecraft was successful with his dreams anyway. I take inspiration from him as a true genius of horror.

So I suppose if I were to pose any sort of question, it would be to ask if anyone has ever written a noteworthy nightmare into a Creepypasta style story? Obviously it's happened more than a few times I'm sure, but it would still be interesting to talk about nightmares and how well they translate into scary stories. Dreams are really obscure to begin with as it is, and to translate that into intelligible storytelling is a challenge in itself.