• Nativeghost13

    demons inside

    April 17, 2014 by Nativeghost13

    "im possessed by demons that torture me while im sleepin. I keep dreaming of death and im hearing people screaming.
    Devils spirits are trapped inside of me.
    Im on a couch bleedin to death.
    In a haunted house.
    With both of my wrist slit.
    Then im lifted up in the air.
    And suspended in animation.
    Like someones holden me there.
    I feel some ones cold hands wrapping
    around my neck.
    While i choke on my own blood
    that i swallow and drown to death.
    But i found a breath and some how
    managed to slip the clutches.
    Nearly blackin out from dizzyness
    and head rushes.
    Trippin over OD'd bodies of dead
    Blood stains paints the plush carpet
    like red blushes.
    Doors close by them selfs.
    Books fly off shelfs.
    Curtains catch on fire.
    Then the house melts.
    My sk…

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