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  • NathanielDoggett

    Tired of boring spooks and ghouls? Overused characteristics and actions that have been used so many times they make you cry every time?  Well, this list should help you not only regain your sanity and confidence in the creepypasta community, but help you create more effective spooks that actually (Can you believe it?) Spook people! Avoid these things, and you should be on the right track:  

    5. Smiling

    This cliche won't break your story, but it is rather cliche none the less. Including a smiling villain won't make your story bad, but still, it is a bit overrated.  Many villains in stories are always described as smiling sadistically. (“Smiledog”, “Jeff the Killer”, “The Smiling Man”, “Dr. Smile”, ect.) Smiling sadistically is a bit overdone and…

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  • NathanielDoggett

    After years of reading creepypastas, you get a sense about what works and what doesn't; what sounds good and what sounds terrible. And if there is one thing that can kill a story more than anything else, it is cliches.  This list can help not only fledgling writers, but creepypasta veterans avoid these common and subtle cliches that pop up in a lot of creepypastas. Many of these cliches are subtle ones that most people don't notice right away, but still detract from the story as a whole. Considering that this list is about subtle cliches, I won’t be discussing obvious and over the top cliches like excess of blood and gore, melodramatic characters, hyperrealism (Oh! Don’t get me started on that!) So, Let’s begin!

    5. Death

    More specifically, the…

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