About a month ago, my sister and I were surfing the wiki for any good new pastas and happened to spot one entitled 'The TV'. Intrigued, we clicked on it and began to read. If it wasn't intended to be a trollpasta, then it was just plain sad. But if it was, it was quite possibly the funniest damn thing of our entire lives.

It was added to the category 'Delete Now', which doesn't appear very often, and to our dismay it was deleted before we had a chance to save it! My sister literally cries about it when I'm on the wiki wanting to read it and laugh all over again.

The plotline was something along the lines of: Family buys old TV, there is a channel 666 on it, the TV was possessed, the protagonist and his friends stab a hologram dead which is coming out of the TV (yeah, seriously), they get a new TV after killing the other one (yep, this happens too) but there is still a channel 666, then it said 'to be continued'.

It was quite undeniably the funniest thing I've ever read. 

I headed onto the Trollpasta wiki to see if it had been moved there, but it hasn't. We want you back 'The TV!'

If anyone knows how/where we can find it again, or if you know the story we're referring to, please let me know in the comments!!!