Hi guys! This is my first blog post. You may know me, and you may also have no idea who I am. I may know some of you, and others I can't wait to meet! But that's besides the point.

For my first blog post, I decided to do something fun. Obviously nothing will ever match Blacknumber1's Freestyle Writing Competition, and I don't even want to compete with that (being a participant and finalist myself). This is just a fun thing that's been on my mind for a couple of days now, and I'd love to see how many people participate. And if no one does, well so be it!

OK, here's what I was thinking. Anyone who wants to can write a story of any length, short or long, but all the stories MUST end with the same line. That line will be:

"In that moment everything became clear. I knew I could never go back."

(Slight variations on this are ok, but the general gist must be there!)

I was thinking of this regarding the fact that so many people can come up with unique and amazing stories all starting with the same subject or sentence etc.

You can either write an actual story and post it to the Wiki (I will not be held accountable if it is deleted! :) ) Or you can post one in the comments if you'd like. I promise to give everyone's a read once they've been written!

The (unofficial) deadline is 2 days, for anyone still willing to participate. You just have to let me know if you want to write a story by doing so in the comments, and then try and write it within two days. Obviously, if you need more time there will be no penalties, as this isn't a competition. But try and stretch your limits! 

I'm looking forward (hopefully) to some great stories!

--Natalo (talk) 11:29, March 10, 2015 (UTC)