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Hello to everyone on the wiki. Some of you may have spotted me posting in the forums, specifically the Workshop, and I figured that it's about time I give something of an introduction!

The name's Nachtrae, taken from a series of fantasy novels where it was another word for 'fighting dragon'. At the time of picking my first online nickname, I really liked dragons (actually...I still do), so I picked it and stuck with it. If you find a Nachtrae online, chances are it's me. Don't hesitate to say hi!

I am 25 years old, female, and live in the Netherlands so English is a second language to me. Though I've been taught English in school since I was around 10, 11, I am always open for improvement so if you see grammar/wording problems in my stories feel free to point them out. I will always be grateful!

Youtube Creepypasta reading channels introduced me to Creepypasta and I fell in love almost instantly. I think the first one I heard was in fact the Russian Sleep Experiment, narrated by "IReadCreepyPastas". Unforunately he's not exactly that active, and I dug around till I found the biggest narrator there is (I'm pretty sure at least) MrCreepypasta. Let me tell you, nothing beats listening to lengty stories while working.

In terms of writing creepypasta stories I still consider myself inexperienced. Gracious Host, currently up on the Workshop, is my first attempt and with the amazing feedback I have received from ChristianWallis, EmpyrealInvective, BlizzardLemon, and Dr Frank N. Furter I'm about ready to give it it's own spotlight as a finished story. Just need to polish the very last spots off of it. Seriously, the story has improved so much with your feedback.

On that note, I hold you guys fully responsible for turning that little creative itch to write into a complete blaze. My head´s practically buzzing with ideas and already I have two more stories on the workshop ('Sleep' and 'Return Him'), and several more in the works. Most of them are short along with a micro that is admittadly practically finished. I just hesitate to throw it up on the Workshop at this point since...there's 3 others there still!

Thank you to everyone for making me feel so welcome and I look forward to reading all your creepy stories as well as reading your responses to mine!

Nachtrae (talk) 09:30, July 15, 2016 (UTC)

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