• Nachtrae

    Hello and thank you

    July 15, 2016 by Nachtrae

    Hello to everyone on the wiki. Some of you may have spotted me posting in the forums, specifically the Workshop, and I figured that it's about time I give something of an introduction!

    The name's Nachtrae, taken from a series of fantasy novels where it was another word for 'fighting dragon'. At the time of picking my first online nickname, I really liked dragons (actually...I still do), so I picked it and stuck with it. If you find a Nachtrae online, chances are it's me. Don't hesitate to say hi!

    I am 25 years old, female, and live in the Netherlands so English is a second language to me. Though I've been taught English in school since I was around 10, 11, I am always open for improvement so if you see grammar/wording problems in my stories …

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