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Sat. September 13th 2014

I have found this amazing website not long ago and knew immediatly I had to be part of it, the creativity, the horror, and the ability to chat with people makes creepy pasta wiki amazing. I have read almost two dozen so far my favorites being Jeff the Killer, Username:666, and 86 faces?(idk) I hope to be able to improve my writitng skills whilst reading my favorite genre of all times and with halloween coming up I have all the more reason to persue this creative writting attempt. Normally I would be blogging on tumblr or doing an art project surrounded by music but this seems to be  athing for me. I am entirely weird, love apples, and celebrate strange holidays. So far i have written one pasta I know not if it was deleted but alas I tried. Thank you for taking your time and reading my stuff!!!! ~Wednsday

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