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N0v0parr0t February 3, 2013 User blog:N0v0parr0t

Well, I'm not sure how to start this so I might say hello.

I guess I got into CreepyPastas and SCPs just recently, and have decided to share my ideas on what a CreepyPasta should be on here. I mean, let's face it, I wouldn't call "Who was Phone" or "a skeleton popped out" scary. True horror should be surrounded by logical and rational fears, not young, knife-wielding children who had their face burnt and started killing people, or a tall man with no face and a tux who kidnaps chilrdren.

Now, I'm not saying Jeff the Killer or Slenderman are horrible CreepyPastas, or that they are uncreative. nor am I saying that I could do better. I just believe that a little more detail could go into them, or effort.

Now, I have written my fair share of CreepyPastas, and a lot of them have been removed for being "spin-offs" which I believe is a load of bull-shit. I don't plagiarise or copy from other users, and if it is believed I do, it is unintentional. If this gets blocked for being a copy of another blog post I will be the first person ever to throw a table into orbit.

Thanks for reading, now go to sleep.

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