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You know you're in for a bad CP when -

Mystreve February 12, 2014 User blog:Mystreve

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1) The spelling or grammar of the title is bad.

2) The story starts with "Have you ever...".

3) The author has a brony reference as his name.

4) The story has the words "Squidward", "Jeff", "Slenderman", or "Disney" anywhere in it.

5) You spend an entire afternoon editing a story, then forget what it's about after you're done.

6) The story from #5 gets deleted a minute after you publish the changes.

7) You resist the urge to create a category named "Not Safe For Eyes".

8) After reading a paragraph, you paint something on your body. Just to watch it dry.

9) A random in chat (with a name that looks like a Navajo algorithm), suddenly appears and begs you to read his pasta.

10) You're bored at work and decide to make a new blog. After the paint dries, of course.

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