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Mystreve December 23, 2013 User blog:Mystreve

A bit of a rant here.

I've seen a lot of users editing user submissions (no, not my CP's...yet) and seemingly not doing a fucking thing to it. We're not talking one letter that wasn't capitalized on a wall of text either. We're talking about a decent little CP with a few grammatical/spelling issues "edited" by other users. It's one thing to submit a plain horrible/troll story and have it deleted. I get that. Not everyone has the skills to put together a good short story. It's quite another thing to make a brief edit just so you can see your name in the "recent activity" feed just so you can feel better about yourself or earn a badge. Why edit one thing, when other things are so glaringly obvious? If you're going to edit something, do it right. 

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