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Mystreve August 18, 2015 User blog:Mystreve

Hello, fellow miscreants! How have things been? I know no one reads blogs on this site, but wanted to make one to see how you all have been doing (and to test the blog statement I just typed).

Anyway, as many of you know, I gave up crat rights a bit ago; and for many reasons. I lost my job in late January 2015 (still looking for work, but that doesn't matter for the sake of this post). I admittedly lashed out at a few users on the site who didn't deserve it (you know who you are, and yeah, I am sorry. You didn't deserve my bullshit lashing).

Anyway, I felt...well...burned out with everything. Real-life stress really can mess with a man's mind. I had no right to bring these things to our site. But I did. As a crat at the time, I saw what I did, and demoted myself immediately. Our great site doesn't deserve someone like I was earlier this year.

I am so happy that we have an admin staff now who has kept the site up to par. Skelly, Emp, Jay, Banning...all you guys. From a writer/user of this site, Thanks.

Anyway, I need to say (again) that I am sorry for all of my weak actions. By the way, this isn't a play to get user-rights again (I really don't want all, and wouldn't get them anyway), it's just a sincere apology. I lost my job, went down a spiral (not The Spiral - aka one of my short stories...yikes), but had a moment of weakness. One that still dwells, but one that regrets ever making this site look weak in any way.

Anyhow, I will be lurking among the shadows of this site if anyone needs advice or a story reviewed. The creepypasta wiki will always be my go-to for amateur horror (the stories that make it through are well-crafted), and I hope you guys continue to pull out all the stops to creep me, and other horror fans out.


Mystreve (Steve)

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