There are TONS of creepypastas on the internet these days, some which get very popular. These popular creepypastas, such as Candle Cove, Slenderman, Squidward's Suicide, Ben drowned, Jeff the Killer....the list goes on and on. These creepypastas are actually great and scary creepypastas-until they become to popular. Crappy spinnoffs and videos (to go along with lost episode pastas and things like 1999) then ruin the whole pasta for you. For example, take Squidward's Suicide. The pasta is a great read that is very macabre and unsettling. However, the "real video" ruins the whole pasta for you. The supposed pictures of the 3 dead kids look like some moron could have made them in Microsoft paint in about 5 minutes each! Also, the "real video" is only a bunch of other spongebob episodes put together to make it! It's so dumb! Then there is Suicide Mouse. Great scary story, but is again ruined by the "real video." The pasta says how Mickey's limbs were falling off as he walked. The video, when it gets to the part, only shows Mickey suddenly have a weird creepy face, but that's it. As well as that, the way Mickey dies at the end of the video is tripping and falling. SERIOUSLY?! IT RUINED THE WHOLE STORY FOR ME! UGH!

Now, onto the case of spinoffs. BEN drowned is a great creepypasta and was the original haunted game cartridge story. However, so many spinoffs and so many other haunted game cartridge stories came out after, making that type of story extremely overdone and boring to read. Candle Cove is also a great creepypasta, but the spinoffs ruin the story for you. I don't understand why good creepypasta can't be left alone to stay good. Anyway, thanks for reading, sorry if this was lengthy.

Written by Acutex49
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