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    So, just like how I wrote an anaylsis of "They" to clear up confusion, "Chocolate Monster" is just as confusing, it does have meaning that I will get into.

    This story unlike the others that I wrote does is not neccesarily centered on something in my life ("They" for example is based on a road trip I was on, "Mystery Garage" was based on something that happened to me, "The Gray Area" was a place I visited, etc.)

    So, the story if you had not read it, or if you had but need to be refreshed is about an unnamed narrator (who is not represenative of me by the way) and his encounter with some nighmarish creature that follows him and ruins his life. It wrecks his life through causing panic attacks, appearing to him at a lightpost, killing his cowork…

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  • Mystery12

    Analysis Of "They"

    December 24, 2015 by Mystery12

    Last February I wrote a story called "They" this was to be my potential last story I ever write on this Wiki, so I treated it as a "grand finale". Well, several months later I read through the comments and I noticed a particular theme which goes along the lines of "I don't get it", "why does this happen?", "who are 'they'?", etc. I figure that this would be a good chance to tear apart my story to give a good understanding of what it really means.

    To start out, lets talk about the ACTUAL trip. This story was based on an actual trip that I went on back in 2014 with my family (if you read in the comments, you can see that I posted some of the locations mentioned in the story that I had actually visited). The actual event took place in mid May …

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