aka Shelby

  • I live in United States
  • I was born on February 20
  • I am Female
  • MyLifeYourNightmare

    The Blog Rules said that this was a place to introduce myself, so I guess I will do just that!

    My username is MyLifeYourNightmare, but my name in actuality is Shelby, so people will call me that more often than not. ^^' As with all people on this site, I am an avid fan of Creepypasta, and have read many of them, but I look for new ones every day! The first Pasta I ever read was "Abandoned by Disney" on my birthday last year. It was the Pasta of the Month back then, and not only did I regret it immediately, but it's terrified me ever since. xD I suppose it intrigued me enough to keep me crawling back, though, because here I am!

    In all honesty I've quit trying to read Creepypasta many times before, but I always ended up coming back for "just o…

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