Hello. I'm Mumbizz01. You might see me in the comments of stories. I'm a editer, I'm mostly known as a movie critic, Rater, And my real name is "Ben". I live in Brooklyn (Moving to New york next year).

The thing i mostly do is go on this website and reading you're stories. I always like to read stuff. I have a whole collection of video games, Movies and novels in my basement. My computer is in my room, I play online games. Watch YouTube videos. Listen to a lot of music. I do other stuff in reality. Like play sports, Visit my friend's house. I got a job. But only starts on Thursdays and Monday.

And no. I don't post stories. But i'm a author in reality. My story genre are horror. That's all. And i plan to post my stories on this website. The story i'm working on is called "Pripyat's Secret" If you reply to one of my comments. I would always reply.

If you want me to read one of you're stories. Let me know on my talk page. Thanks. That's all i got to say. Peace

~ mumbizz01