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Mumbizz01 December 22, 2014 User blog:Mumbizz01

This is what i always wanted to do and now i have the chance. These are the ideas that should be the part of this website.

  • If a user wants to edit his profile and they don't know how to add effects, Then there should be a page on how to edit (I don't know if there's already a page)
  • If a user edits a page, then the author of the story gets a message on there talk page to let them know.
  • I know this could be the most stupldist idea. But a user could follow a another user as a friend.
  • If a user is annoying or spamming someone. Then there should be a block so the user can't go on the user's page (This could not work on admins)
  • There should be a online player list to let anyone know if a friend, admin or staff is on so they don't cause any trouble.
  • There should be a chatroom on user's talk page or any areas.

    That's all i know. I may update this soon if i have anymore.

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