aka Bizz Manson

  • I live in Australia
  • I was born on January 10
  • My occupation is Drummer/Bassist/Guitarist
  • I am Male
  • Mumbizz01

    It seems like it's almost 2015. I'm just hoping the year will be better then 2014, Cause this year wasn't great for me, but i'm not doing to explain here. You can ask in the comments,

    I got lots of plans for this year.

    • I just finished college, So i don't know what i might do about it.
    • I'm planning to get a job after moving out, But i need to choose
    • I will be moving out of New Zealand to move to somewhere else, But i don't know where imma go to, I think i've be moving to australia.
    • I still won't be posting stories yet. Cause i'm not a very good author and still need to know how. 


    I'm hoping you have a great year next year, 

    ~ mumbizz01

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  • Mumbizz01

    Ideas for this site

    December 22, 2014 by Mumbizz01

    This is what i always wanted to do and now i have the chance. These are the ideas that should be the part of this website.

    • If a user wants to edit his profile and they don't know how to add effects, Then there should be a page on how to edit (I don't know if there's already a page)
    • If a user edits a page, then the author of the story gets a message on there talk page to let them know.
    • I know this could be the most stupldist idea. But a user could follow a another user as a friend.
    • If a user is annoying or spamming someone. Then there should be a block so the user can't go on the user's page (This could not work on admins)
    • There should be a online player list to let anyone know if a friend, admin or staff is on so they don't cause any trouble.
    • Th…
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  • Mumbizz01

    Ideas for Genre Listing.

    December 8, 2014 by Mumbizz01

    I was just thinking the other day for ideas. But the good thing is I came up with some.

    Here's what's in my mind.

    Future, experiments, (sorry if I spelled it wrong) mysterys, Murders, Movies, Websites. (I know it may sound the same as Computers and Internet. But I've let you think).

    That's all I have. I may update this if I have anymore ideas.


    Well. More ideas i have. Here's what they are

    Characters. (Ones like Slenderman and Laughing Jack). Secret Messages, Abandoned (It may sound the same as places. But again, i've let you think) Companys,. Those are the four ideas i have. Tell me what you think

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  • Mumbizz01

    Goodbye for 1 month

    November 23, 2014 by Mumbizz01

    I know, I've be leaving this site for 1 month. And for reasons

    1. After reading stories. I've been getting weird dreams of stuff from the page.

    2. I've be leaving college this year so I need to get around to finish college.

    3. I've be moving houses from Brooklyn to New York.

    The reason I'm moving houses because my house is haunted. I hear noises every night. (Not trying to tell a story).

    My sister or brother will replace me for a while.

    So yeah. Goodbye to you for 1 month. I might come back next year or next month.

    ~ mumbizz01

    Update: 24/11/2014.

    I'm mumbizz01's brother and will replace him

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  • Mumbizz01


    November 22, 2014 by Mumbizz01

    There's something that really made me stress about something. I don't know if I got banned or not. But I'm typing this on my IPad.

    So when I try to post a comment using PC. All I see is this

    | | | | | | | |

    Under the Wikia [Entertainment]. And nothing loads

    Or. When I want to edit my profile. It shows me a loading thing and I have to sit there forever.

    If there's a way to fix this. Please comment below.

    (If I havn't read a update about it. Please send me a link to it)


    The whole thing is fixed. I use Google Chrome now and it works. The problem is on Internet Expoler.

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