• MulchOfHorror

    Come Join Us

    February 27, 2014 by MulchOfHorror

    Many years ago a school by my house just disappeared. Not the school it self,just everyone in it. Parents called the police after their kids didn't come home from school. The police went to the school and were met with a strange scene. There weren't any signs of struggle. All they found was some blood in a strange symbol. No kids or teachers were found. They just up and disappeared.There have been many rumors circulating around about it. People say it was aliens or kidnappers. Only a select few including me know the truth.

    We know what the symbol means and what it did. That symbol was a symbol of dark magic or satanic magic. I found that out when I went to explore the school a couple of months ago, which was shut down and decaying.… Read more >