Hey Waz up world  im MsScare44 and your reading my blog. In todays post Im gonna talk about Saints row the Third. I've just got the game about a week or so ago and i got it from the ps3 store. Im just randomly killin some saints and hookers for no reason and I had just killed the 3rd hooker, and was doing my taunt. So my character says "I love the sight of jealously" and some invisible force punches me. So I punch a few times and a puddle of blood appears on the floor. BTW this is happening in the basement of the crib you steal from the morning star. So I go find a female saint and kill her in the basement. Again I do the taunt and immediately after get blasted with a shotgun (i could tell by the sound of the blast). I search the room with my pistol, aiming towards the area in front of me and a green X appears a fire a shot at the x and you hear " GODDAMMIT IM A SAINT!!".