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    Death of a Siren Part I

    December 28, 2011 by MrsMcDowell

    I was finally a senior. High school was virtually over and I could be an adult at last. The four year prison of torturous ridicule and social ruin were coming to a close. I could get a job, I could find a boyfriend, and I could start doing what I loved. Of course, if I ever made it to graduation, life would have been perfect. Instead, I decided getting a ride home from one of the most popular girls in school was worth more than my life, even though I knew she was high. Instead, I died when I was seventeen.

    I was a pretty normal teenager. I wasn’t super popular and didn’t have a lot of ‘hang out’ friends. But, pretty much everyone knew me – no thanks to my unfortunate, porn star-esque last name – and no one really hated me. Sure,…

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