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Well, I guess this is my first blog. I didn't realize how high the standards are on here. Not that I am complaining because I do understand that such high standards allow for great stories and all. I figure my recent story wasn't up to quality standards since it was deleted immediately. I did check the grammar and spelling. Those checked out, so I'm guessing that the plot itself is where I need to improve upon. Anyways, it makes me wonder with as quick as it was deleted that the admin or editor manage to read it he/she decided to delete it. I haven't gotten any feedback other than to check the standards, which would be fine if I knew what I did wrong. Anyways though, it would be better if I could given a critique and show why it didn't meet standards. That would be a much more vaulable learning experience in my opinion that way I won't be shooting in the dark. Well anyways, I will set about correcting the story. I should be able to figure out why it was deleted. 

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