Well.....its been a long time since i've last been on this website. And with the mix of school and sports I never thought I'd see this site again. But since i'm back and Its my 7th month living in NC. I'd like to talk about my experience in this fast growing state. When I first came here I moved to a pretty small town close to charlotte. At first, I believed that this move was going to be a mistake. But after a week or so living here I noticed that the residents in this area are much nicer than people from boston. and now that summer vacation  was ending, It didnt even come to mind that I was starting highschool. And then when school started I knew I was going to enjoy my time in highschool. and making new friends didn't seem to be that much of a hassle (even though i'm pretty quiet and shy). Its actually kind of weird when I think about now. the majority of my friends came from ROTC though. But after a while I completely forgot about my grades and then I noticed ther were tanking fast. Everything started coming to reality after that. And I slowly started to spiral down. Because of this it changed my personality and I to become a bit more lonely. Those few months really sucked becuase it affected my wrestling performance and my grades. But after readjusting my self, my grades started to rise up. I have no idea why my confidence wasnt going up. some of the best places I,ve seen in NC is the mountains. when I first got to the peak of the smoky mountains I was this shocked but in a good way. I dont want to stretch my first blog on for too long though so Im going to end it here for now....If you guys have any questions feel free to ask away and you might get an answer. Anyways....Hope you enjoyed this. PEACE.