This blog post is designed to make sure things like "Jeff the Killer" and "Squidward's Suicide" STOP HAPPENING. You saw what happened with the Slenderman Stabbing.... let's keep crazy emos like that off the street by removing the source. If you haven't heard of this, click on this link:

Anyway, let's get started.

First, the cliches of ALL creepypasta.

  1. The Mary Sues and John Does. There should be NO attention seekers, NO all-powerful characters (Unless of course, it is not the protagonist going insane and becoming all-powerful, but the antagonist. Even then, you have to be skilled to pull it off.), NO bland characters, and ABSOLUTELY NO melodrama. This can kill a pasta quicker than Slenderman's glance at you.
  2. Blood, blood and more freaking blood. Gore has to be handled correctly, or else the story becomes boring. I've seen a lot over the years, and this kind of stuff gets overdone and doesn't really phase me.
  3. Stories that pull you right into the climax. Stuff like "I don't have much time" or "It's coming for me" is horrific. Sometimes writers refrain themselves from placing stuff like that in the beginning and then save all that bullcrap for THE ENDING. Take note when I say that is not a good idea. Leave it out completely. <--- This here is The Pocket, a good example of a decent story ruined by the ending.
  4. Stuff happening for no reason. My god, explain yourselves. I don't care how "edgy" you are, but I need some answers. I find myself asking, why did she go insane? How did he kill that bodyguard? What does that have to do with anything? A good story should have everything fall into place, not be a forced pile of poo.
  5. Statements such as "I am God" and all that. Remember me saying all powerful antagonists were hard to pull off? Yeah...for the most part people fall flat on the execution of it.

Now we get into video games and lost episodes.

  1. The video game/episode( (always on a CD) having a title in black marker, being haunted, and being found at some garage sale. Ben Drowned happened and got famous. You will NOT write a story like this ever, nor should you. 
  2. Unnessacary details, such as details about the video game and/or boring stuff that was going on.
  3. HYPERREALISM. Goddamn I hate hyperrealism. Sonic.exe has a lot of this, and that's one of the worst stories ever. It is cliched and done to death. Please stop this. Also, graphic that the game could not obtain? Come on, guys.
  4. The screen fading to black, static, etc.

That's all I have to say for now. If I find anything else I'll edit this and inform you all. 


Bye guys.