Hello friends, today I have a specail creepypasta to review from someone whom I would like to call friend. This person made the pasta I am about to review, hope you'll enjoy.

It's name is "I Had To Know."

So it's about this girl who hid in her couch to scare her boyfriend while he was out. When he came home he returned with another girl. She hid in the couch as the two went to the bedroom and did.......stuff. When they were asleep she killed the girl and hid her corpse in the couch and tied her boyfriend to the bed.

Ok, that's pretty much all it is about. To be honest, this isn't a really original type of pasta but does have a little creativity. I really enjoyed this pasta in the end. The plot tied together well though I wish that the characters had a little more thought into. No matter what, this is realy well made and I highly recommend it to everyone from new to pastas to well the creepyvets in this wiki. I hope you will love it as I now do

-Mr. J.