Hello my friends, I, Mr. J., have returned with another Creepypasta review.

This is called Old Men Have Regrets. This pasta is only of this man called ol' pappy with his twelve year old son, Johney. He tells Johny that he was going to die soon and that he wanted to show him something. On the way, ol' pappy explains to Johney that, before he was married, he was a bad man. wven when he met his wife they call granny. Ol' papppy said that the people he did bad things to he made apart of him. As they walked into the woods, ol' pappy explained that this anded when Johney's father was born until granny was gone. So he made granny part of him too. They stopped inside this cave where ol' pappy showed Johney the bones of granny and the other people. Ol' pappy then said that he wanted to have Johney part of him too before he died. he asked then if he knew what people tasted like. Ol' pappy told him it was like chicken. He told his grandson to sit down, read a book that he had and, that in three days, his parents would find them. The lasts words were "This would only hurt a bit."

To be honest, I really enjoyed this pasta. It wasn't very scary but pretty creepy. The story is a pretty good story and just one person talking and just that, with no narration like Creepypastas are usually made, is rare to be honest. i recommend this pasta to anyone who would like a creative and unique read.

-Mr. J.