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MrJ1999 January 23, 2014 User blog:MrJ1999

I have been told to read Sempiternal and after reading it here is my summery and what i think.

Its of this teenager who has a very vivd imagination. He began to have this weird nightmare in which he is seeing this person with a very familiar face. he became scared for this man was searching for him. when he awakes, he begins his day just as he did in the dream.

This is a very odd Creepypasta. i wasn't entirely interested to be honest. The writer also had many spelling errors which i had to fix. As you know this is just my opinion only on theses pastas and i mean no disrespect to the author. If you wish to read it and make your own opinion please tell me. The pasta I think wasn't really unique, I have read pastas similar to it. I was disappointed after reading it and i really had difficulty understanding the whole plot. If you wish to read and make your own opinion please do. It might make me review it again ine day.

-Mr. J.

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