Mt first reveiw will be an old but well known Creepypasta, Jeff the Killer. Jeff was a new kid to town with his brother Lue and her parents. One day Jeff and his brother were being bullied and Jeff fought and almost killed the three boys. Later that day the police came to arrest Jeff but Lue took the fall for his brother. The next day Jeff went to a birthday party he was invited to the day before. The bullies came for Jeff with guns and attacked him. It ened with his face burned with bleach. It left his skin paper white. Jeff went mad, he made it that he could never blink and cut his mouth in a perminet smile. That same night he killed his parents and his brother who was released when the police discoverd what happened at the party. the last thing Jeff said to his brother was "shhh.......just go to sleep."

I am a big fan of this pasta. it was mire of a sad story of a normal kid turned to killer. it does have a little weird plot but it works perfectly for what it's purpose was. Jeff the Killer is a unique pasta and an evenmore unique character. If you have any chance to read it for the first time I defenitly recommend it.

-Mr. J.