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  • MrJ1999

    ENTRY 007

    February 7, 2014 by MrJ1999

    Hello friends, today I have a specail creepypasta to review from someone whom I would like to call friend. This person made the pasta I am about to review, hope you'll enjoy.

    It's name is "I Had To Know."

    So it's about this girl who hid in her couch to scare her boyfriend while he was out. When he came home he returned with another girl. She hid in the couch as the two went to the bedroom and did.......stuff. When they were asleep she killed the girl and hid her corpse in the couch and tied her boyfriend to the bed.

    Ok, that's pretty much all it is about. To be honest, this isn't a really original type of pasta but does have a little creativity. I really enjoyed this pasta in the end. The plot tied together well though I wish that the charact…

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  • MrJ1999

    ENTRY 006

    February 4, 2014 by MrJ1999

    Hello my friends, I, Mr. J., have returned with another Creepypasta review.

    This is called Old Men Have Regrets. This pasta is only of this man called ol' pappy with his twelve year old son, Johney. He tells Johny that he was going to die soon and that he wanted to show him something. On the way, ol' pappy explains to Johney that, before he was married, he was a bad man. wven when he met his wife they call granny. Ol' papppy said that the people he did bad things to he made apart of him. As they walked into the woods, ol' pappy explained that this anded when Johney's father was born until granny was gone. So he made granny part of him too. They stopped inside this cave where ol' pappy showed Johney the bones of granny and the other people. …

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  • MrJ1999

    ENTRY 005

    January 30, 2014 by MrJ1999

    Hello my friends, i haven't been on for awhile now. I will go straight to my next review.

    Today I shall review Red Mist. There rally is nothing I can say really. Red Mist is pretty much a copy of the Creepypasta Squidward's Suicide. I am not sure which one came first so once  I can do I can preform a much better review but for now I really dislike Red Mist since it seems just to be a copy, granted a very good copy I shall admit. If you know which was created first please respond to this entry please

    -Mr. J.

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  • MrJ1999

    ENTRY 004

    January 23, 2014 by MrJ1999

    I have been told to read Sempiternal and after reading it here is my summery and what i think.

    Its of this teenager who has a very vivd imagination. He began to have this weird nightmare in which he is seeing this person with a very familiar face. he became scared for this man was searching for him. when he awakes, he begins his day just as he did in the dream.

    This is a very odd Creepypasta. i wasn't entirely interested to be honest. The writer also had many spelling errors which i had to fix. As you know this is just my opinion only on theses pastas and i mean no disrespect to the author. If you wish to read it and make your own opinion please tell me. The pasta I think wasn't really unique, I have read pastas similar to it. I was disappoi…

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  • MrJ1999


    January 23, 2014 by MrJ1999

    Today I was told to review Abyss. I have read it and here is the summrty.

    Basically it is of this woman named Jillian chasing after thia man and taunting him. After awhile she begins to feel fear that it was this man's plan to lead her out here. She ran back to the man road only to be caught by thae man, then nothing.

    It is a unique pasta but not one that goes over the top. Most times I was confused as to why someone would do this. It is strange considering thie was a woman taunting like a child instead of it being a child instead. If you are new to Creepypastas or not one who enjoys stuff that isn't really really scary then this pasta i recommend to you.

    -Mr. J.

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