It has been a while since I did this.

Below I list 9 stories (in no particular order) that I have stumbled upon the past couple of months or so, mainly on the Writer's Showcase. I highly recommend reading these stories, if you haven't already. All are relatively short, none exceeding the 7000 words mark (most are much less than that).

Also, if you have found more little gems, please share them in the comments.

Without further ado, these are the pastas.


Three Friends Diner: A group of film students and actors gather to shoot a scene in a restaurant, that holds its fair share of secrets...

Two Story House: Two young friends decide to check out an abandoned house to prove that they're cool.

The Final Fate of Mary Ford: If you want to go on an emotional rollercoaster, this is the place. In the farm of a stoic father, a loving mother, a sleepwalking son and a mischievous sister.

Patient Zero: A man sitting in a corner in the city sewers, with voices guiding his every move. What could possibly go wrong?

A Funeral: A crowd of friends and family has gathered to mourn Michael Douglas' funeral. He was a good man, always trying to help those around him. This pasta describes the funeral's procedures.

Hunter's Log: A ghost hunter goes after a vengeful spirit in an old village. This pasta tells of his adventure there.

The Suit of Armor: A teenage girl, Rachel, visits her widowed aunt's house, a place that holds a peculiar medieval metal suit, an item that has been causing dread in Rachel's heart for years. Are her fears unjustified, or is something evil going on with the suit?

No Right Turn on Red: The narrator is driving back home from work, when he decides to disobey a sign and turn right. Moments later, he runs over a little girl. Every day he is turning right in the same spot, and runs over the same little girl. He is stuck in a loop, unable to escape.

Part of My World: A little mermaid in love and the story of how she united with her loved one.