First of all, I have to say the title is a lie. I don't have 5 pastas and they aren't all overlooked. Two have even been nominated for PoTM. Also, I haven't checked out pastas posted after the 20th of February.

Anyway, these are the stories that I liked the most the past month. If you think I missed anything, let me know.

Tobit: The Bleeding Sky*: The air of mystery and suspense in this pasta will keep you hooked from beginning to end. This story follows one science group trying to uncover the mysteries of a very old tome and the hard-hitting tales that lay within.

Tobit: Blood and Obligations*: Another installment in the Hyraaq Tobit saga by Banningk. For me, this one is even better than the first, which was already phenomenal. This one follows the tale of two brothers and will even take you back in Victorian (I think...) London. You should definitely give this a read.

Spasms: Another tale by Empyre that moved me deeply. This story focuses more on feeling than creepy and is a breath of fresh air in a wiki full of dark tales (although this has some dark undertones too). Definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to experience something different.

Sheltered Life: This puts creepy to creepypasta. I was genuinely unnerved when I finished this tale. It is short and 'sweet' and it was written in less than 24 hours. Very impressive, if you ask me.

He Was a New Man: This was too written in less than 24 hours. To put it this way, it is quite simply, one of the best psychological thrillers I have ever read.

The Horseman in the Night*: A dark and mysterious tale set in a steampunk Victorian London. What more can one ask for?

The Blood Canvas*: Another pasta by Whitix. It is rare that a creepypasta will tackle some more 'deep themes', and this one does just that. Combining creepy and disturbing descriptions with a touching and thought-provoking plot, this one is a must read for lovers of longer pastas.

*long reads

Honorable Mention: Our Anniversary