Recently I've been cleaning up my hard-drive and I came across a little game I made about 3 years ago. For some weird reason, I felt like sharing it with the interwebz. So, here it is:


It is a very minimalistic horror/atmospheric game where the player controls a character up and down a strange, room filled corridor. The goal of the game is to gather some weird white orbs, while avoiding the baddies that lurk in the darkness.

It even offers some angsty teen poetry I wrote 3-4 years ago. You should check it out just because of that, there's some pretty ridiculous stuff in there, that I should actually be pretty embarassed of (but secretly, I'm not).

I don't know, if you have time, maybe check it out. Or don't. It isn't much of a game, to be honest.

Alright, that's all, thanks for reading!

(PS: It doesn't work on Chrome. Unfortunately it's not something that can be fixed.)

UPDATE: I've posted another game, here.