Hey folks. The admin-crew with the goodies again. We were chained in a basement gathered around and after a long, sweaty brainstorming session we came up with a cool new addition to the wiki, "Featured Author".

Every month the admins will be choosing a creepypasta writer to be featured in the front page for a month. There will be a little bit of info about the author, a description of their style as a writer, their best works on the wiki, or anything else noteworthy.

This will also serve as an opportunity for the writer to plug/promote some of their projects, like a Youtube channel, a blog, a website, a book, or anything they're working on.

This feature aims to bring attention to authors who have contributed quality work to the site, and serving to the readers more great stories they can read.

You can find the first Featured Author on the front page of the wiki. This month, we have ChristianWallis, an exceptional writer and reviewer who has been a great overall help to the site. Congrats Chris.

I hope you enjoy! Take care.