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December 30, 2014
  • MrDupin

    Seriously, why is the show so good?

    I just watched the last episode and I was so blown away I decided to write this blog immediately. Be warned, I'm still blown away big time, so this probably won't have any coherence. Also, there will be no spoilers, so read without fear.

    Really though, I can't understand why this was good. It was so much better than it had any right to be. Cheesy plot? Check. Predictable storyline? Check. Caricature characters? Check (mostly). It had the trifecta of bad. And for bonus points, it had (many) child actors on the front. And horror that wasn't really horror. And mystery that wasn't really mystery. Yet somehow, it was exceptionally good.

    I can't really explain why I was so captivated by it. The writing was magnif…

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  • MrDupin

    Hey folks. The admin-crew with the goodies again. We were chained in a basement gathered around and after a long, sweaty brainstorming session we came up with a cool new addition to the wiki, "Featured Author".

    Every month the admins will be choosing a creepypasta writer to be featured in the front page for a month. There will be a little bit of info about the author, a description of their style as a writer, their best works on the wiki, or anything else noteworthy.

    This will also serve as an opportunity for the writer to plug/promote some of their projects, like a Youtube channel, a blog, a website, a book, or anything they're working on.

    This feature aims to bring attention to authors who have contributed quality work to the site, and servin…

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  • MrDupin

    I need a little break

    July 6, 2016 by MrDupin

    Hi guys/gals. I am leaving temporarily the wiki. My absence will probably last a couple of months. I need to cope with some difficulties in my life right now, and I need a break from the internet.

    Admins, I'm not sure how this works, but if you need to, remove my rollback rights.


    EDIT: I forgot to add, any reviews that I have promised will be suspended till I return. Also, thanks for the wishes.

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  • MrDupin

    I don't know why, but I wanted to rant a bit about Game of Thrones. So, here it is.

    Game of Thrones. A show that has taken over the TV world, with millions of viewers and fan theories and fiction larger than the bibliography of Stephen King (probably not, but you get the point). Contrary to the title, I actually kinda like the show. It isn't my cup of tea, but the epic moments here and there and a couple of very fascinating characters keep me interested enough to continue watching.

    What I hate so much about the series is that it is quickly falling (way) short of its potential. It is unique in its unpredictability and its grit and suspense is unparalleled in similar popular projects (especially on TV). It is a fantasy, LotR-esque world that se…

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  • MrDupin

    Characters and Stupidity

    January 5, 2016 by MrDupin

    Recently I wrote a story, Grandma's Apartment, which is based on something that happened to me a few days before I wrote it. I really want to point out that everything that happened in the story happened to me, except the ending (+ some little edits to make it more of a creepypasta). The main character is me and everything he does and thinks I did and thought.

    Why am I telling you this? Well, there is a point in the story where the character acts very stupidly. It is one of those classic moments in horror movies and stories where a character does something very stupid to further the plot. As I was writing that moment, I was constantly thinking this wouldn't sit well with readers. They would instantly think "Hey, why is the character so stup…

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