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  • MrDupin

    Recently I decide to check out the Reddit creepypasta threads to see what the fuss was all about, and I have to say I was severely disappointed. I posted a couple of my stories on the shortscarystories thread, which admittedly aren't masterpieces on their own, but after they received no feedback I decided to check out the liked stories there to see what people on the thread like. So I read the most upvoted pastas on the thread and I found the answer to my inquiry. People on the thread like shit. Pretty much all of the best stories there would get deleted on here without much of a second glance (only a couple float around our Quality Standards). And keep in mind these stories I link below have almost 100% like/dislike ratio.

    So, I tread thro…

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  • MrDupin

    Hey y'all. I'm here to talk about something that scared me shitless yesterday.

    I was watching some Youtube videos at 1am like the lazy bum I am, when I got recommended the following video by the Youtube gods.

    That video creeped me out beyond belief. I was alone in the house and a storm was raging outside. I was clinging on my cat for dear life. If you want a spook, I can't recommend this video enough. God, the way she moves her hands. Gah! I get chills just thinking about it.

    Of course I am a little biased because for some reason I am absolutely terrified of people convulsing and twitching, but still. I think it's objectively a very scary video.

    Unfortunately for me, my imagination flared up and I kept looking at the empty chair across my room…

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  • MrDupin

    LibriVox, Anyone?

    November 25, 2016 by MrDupin

    I don't know if you've heard of it, but Librivox is a site where one can download free narrations of works in the public domain. There is also an option to do volunteer work as a narrator too. From what I understand, the incentive for narrators are exposure and donations.

    So far I've listened to readings of HP Lovecraft and the Arsene Lupin stories by Maurice Leblanc. In the latter, all the readings are of high quality (except the 7th, Madame Imbert's Safe). For Lovecraft, there are a ton of his works and most of them are very high quality.

    Pop over if you will and maybe you'll find something you like. I highly suggest it for anyone interest in audiobooks.

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  • MrDupin

    Greetings, creeps and creepettes. It is Halloween, the time of the ghosts and the dead. For this special occasion we resurrected the ancient tradition of the Writer's Lounge to interview one of the most celebrated authors the wiki has known. I present to you, Matthew Brockmeyer the Humboldt Lycanthrope! He is a two-time winner of Pasta of the Month, with his stories The Long List and The Number of Darkness, has won multiple contests and is responsible for thousands of screams and sleepless nights. Without further ado, let's get right into the interview.

    MrDupin: To start off the interview, tell us a little bit about yourself.

    HumboldtLycanthrope: Well, I live in an off-grid cabin with my wife and two children, deep in the forest, way down a d…

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  • MrDupin

    Seriously, why is the show so good?

    I just watched the last episode and I was so blown away I decided to write this blog immediately. Be warned, I'm still blown away big time, so this probably won't have any coherence. Also, there will be no spoilers, so read without fear.

    Really though, I can't understand why this was good. It was so much better than it had any right to be. Cheesy plot? Check. Predictable storyline? Check. Caricature characters? Check (mostly). It had the trifecta of bad. And for bonus points, it had (many) child actors on the front. And horror that wasn't really horror. And mystery that wasn't really mystery. Yet somehow, it was exceptionally good.

    I can't really explain why I was so captivated by it. The writing was magnif…

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