• MrAssassin

    The Sky Is Blue

    July 27, 2011 by MrAssassin

    Hello If you are here it's either because your trying to find more info out of like a pervert or you have read my home page about my movies, or maybe something else who knows.

    well anyway just in case you havn't found out yet i make movies i started a while ago like 5 years ago and have been having great fun making them, although to be a good producer you can't always choose your friends to be in the movie and i have had no choice but to bring my enemies into them. Some of them have genre's of horror, adventure/action, animation musicals and drama.

    Some of tHem however never made it in like Indiana Jones And The Tomb Of Ice, Creature corner and Dunes.

    My latest movie is The Solanum Vile it is about how a student of college cambell, finds a way of…

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