• Mr.crain

    tim world 2

    October 14, 2012 by Mr.crain

    tim world part 2.
    i woke up in the house were it all begin.I look around and seen him.the one that call himself blade he was sitting in a chair looking at me with he's red eye he started to smile as he said you again welcome back to my little house.were am i you on the third stage of you sanity.You have two choices keep testing your sanity or kill your self.your choice what do you pick.I want to live.blade smile got bigger as he said ok welcome to hell.I woke up at my house i look like my house but darker thare was not alot of light in the middle of my bed room was a noose with a sign on it that sayz way out i open the door to get out of my room i see a bright light a the door close behind me.Its my old school it was like going back in timeā€¦

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