I'll be honest. I truly do try to come on chat whenever I possibly can. There are lots of... impasses, which keep me from it however.

  1. My time zone is far of from the majority of yours. When it's 9 o'clock pm for you, it's most likely 3 pm for me.
  2. I'm a major procrastinator... I got a 4.0 (which I found out today), but I truly have no clue how. I hadn't done my work once last quarter.
  3. I've diagnosed myself with EDS (Excessive Daytime Sleepiness). I'm tired all thorought the day, every day. I take a lot of naps...
  4. Sometimes, my depression just makes me not want to do anything.
  5. Ooh, there's also my high anxiety issues.
  6. My friends (the few I have in real life) enjoy playing TF2 with me, so I have to agree...
  7. I have a lot of church and other events to attend to...

I'm begining to ramble. I'm sorry. Anywho... I wish I could talk to you all more.